Physical Chemistry Question Bank for IIT JAM Volume 2

Physical Chemistry Question Bank for IIT JAM Volume 2. Chemistry is a sought-after Science course. Aspirants who want to secure admission in MSc and integrated Ph.D. course in Chemistry opt to take the IIT JAM exam. A national-level entrance exam, IIT JAM is conducted by the IITs on a rotational basis. For the admission year 2022-23, Joint Admission Test for MSc (JAM) is being conducted by IIT Roorkee. The Science entrance exam is scheduled to be conducted on February 13, 2022. IIT JAM Chemistry paper will be held in Session-II, that is, from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm. View IIT JAM exam dates 2022 here.

Physical Chemistry Question Bank for IIT JAM Volume 2Each year, over 70,000 candidates appear for the IIT JAM Chemistry exam but the seats on offer for admission are limited. Thus, it is advised that candidates prepare well for the exam. Chemistry paper in the IIT JAM exam consists of questions from subjects like – Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry. Free download Physical Chemistry Question Bank for IIT JAM Volume 2.

The purpose of writing the IIT JAM Physical Chemistry book is to provide a complete IIT JAM experience to aspirants targeting the IIT JAM exam in Chemistry, for admissions to the IITs for the Master’s program in Chemistry and related branches. IIT JAM Physical Chemistry book will give the reader exposure to actual IIT JAM questions in physical chemistry from various reference books, with detailed solutions which are very important for understanding the concepts and improving the speed of solving questions. Free download Physical Chemistry Question Bank for IIT JAM Volume 2.

This book will challenge the reader with problems on the academic subject of Physical Chemistry for good understanding, assimilation, self-evaluation, and reproducibility. Although we have made every effort to make the IIT JAM Physical Chemistry book error-free, I am under no illusion. I welcome comments, criticism, and suggestions from the readers to further improve the content of this book. Free download PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY QUESTION BANK FOR IIT JAM VOLUME 2.




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About IIT JAM Chemistry

IITs and IISc are institutions of national importance and are well known, the world over, for quality education in engineering, science & technology, and research in frontier areas. The aim of IITs and IISc is to build a sound foundation of knowledge, pursue excellence and enhance creativity in an intellectually stimulating environment. The vibrant academic ambiance and well-equipped research infrastructure of IITs and IISc motivate the students to pursue Research and Development careers in frontier areas of basic sciences as well as interdisciplinary areas of science and technology. Free download Physical Chemistry Question Bank for IIT JAM Volume 2.

Joint Admission Test for M.Sc. (JAM) is being conducted from 2004 to provide admissions to M.Sc. (Four Semesters), Joint M.Sc.-Ph.D., M.Sc.-Ph.D. Dual Degree, etc. Programs at the IITs and Integrated Ph.D. Degree Programmes at IISc for consolidating Science as a career option for bright students. These postgraduate programs at IITs and IISc offer high-quality education in their respective disciplines, comparable to the best in the world. The curricula for these programs are designed to provide opportunities for the students to develop academic talent leading to challenging and rewarding professional life.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidates who qualify in JAM 2020 shall have to fulfill the following Eligibility Requirements (ER) for admissions to IITs.

  • All candidates admitted through JAM should have a Bachelor’s degree.
  • In the qualifying degree, the aggregate marks or CGPA/CPI without rounding-off (taking into account all subjects, including languages and subsidiaries, all years combined) should be at least 55% or 5.5 out of 10 for General/OBC (NCL)/EWS category candidates and 50% or 5.0 out of 10 for SC/ST and PwD category candidates.
  • If CGPA/CPI is on a different scale, it would be linearly mapped to a scale of 10.

At the time of admission, all admitted candidates will have to submit a Physical Fitness certificate from a registered medical practitioner in the prescribed form. At the time of admission, the admitted candidates may also have to undergo a Physical Fitness test by a medical board constituted by the Admitting Institute. In case a candidate is not found physically fit to pursue his/her chosen course of study, his/her admission is liable to be canceled. Free download Physical Chemistry Question Bank for IIT JAM Volume 2.

Syllabus of Physical Chemistry

Atomic and Molecular Structure: Planck’s black body radiation, Photoelectric effect, Bohr’s theory, de Broglie postulate, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle; Schrödinger’s wave equation (including mathematical treatment), postulates of quantum mechanics, normalized and orthogonal wave functions, its complex conjugate (the idea of complex numbers) and significance of Ѱ2; Operators; Particle in the one-dimension box, radial, and angular wave functions for hydrogen atom, radial probability distribution; Finding maxima of distribution functions (the idea of maxima and minima), the energy spectrum of hydrogen atom; Shapes of s, p, d and f orbitals; Pauli’s Exclusion Principle; Hund’s rule of maximum multiplicity.

Gaseous State: Kinetic molecular model of a gas: collision frequency; collision diameter; mean free path and viscosity of gases; Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution: molecular velocities, the law of equipartition of energy, the molecular basis of heat capacities; Ideal gases, and deviations from ideal gas behavior, van der Waals equation of state; critical state, the law of corresponding states. Free download Physical Chemistry Question Bank for IIT JAM Volume 2.

Liquid State: Physical properties of Liquid, vapor pressure, surface tension, and co-efficient of viscosity and their applications; effect of concentration of solutes on surface tension and viscosity; effect of temperature on viscosity of liquids. Free download Physical Chemistry Question Bank for IIT JAM Volume 2.

Solid State: Unit Cells, Miller indices, crystal systems, and Bravais Lattices, elementary applications of vectors to crystal systems; X-ray diffraction, Bragg’s Law, Structure of NaCl, CsCl, and KCl, diamond, and graphite; Close packing in metals and metal compounds, semiconductors, insulators; Defects in crystals, lattice energy; isomorphism; heat capacity of solids. Free download Physical Chemistry Question Bank for IIT JAM Volume 2.

Chemical Thermodynamics: Mathematical treatment: Exact and in-exact differentials, partial derivatives, Euler’s reciprocity, cyclic rule; Reversible and irreversible processes; Laws of thermodynamics, thermochemistry, thermodynamic functions, such as enthalpy, entropy, and Gibbs free energy, their properties and applications; Partial molar quantities, the dependence of thermodynamic parameters on composition, Gibbs Duhem equation, chemical potential, and its applications. Free download Physical Chemistry Question Bank for IIT JAM Volume 2.

Chemical and Phase Equilibria: Law of mass action; Kp, Kc, Kx, and Kn; Effect of temperature on K; Le-Chatelier principle; Ionic equilibria in solutions; pH and buffer solutions; Salt hydrolysis; Solubility and solubility product; Acid-base titration curves; Indicators; Dilute solutions; Raoult’s and Henry’s Laws and their applications; Colligative properties; Gibbs phase rule; Phase equilibria; single and two-component phase diagrams. Free download Physical Chemistry Question Bank for IIT JAM Volume 2.

Electrochemistry: Conductivity, equivalent and molar conductivity and their properties; Kohlrausch law; DebyeHückelOnsager equation; Ionic velocities, mobilities, transference numbers; Applications of conductance measurement; Quantitative aspects of Faraday’s laws of electrolysis, applications of electrolysis in metallurgy and industry; Electromotive force of a cell, Nernst equation; Standard electrode potential, Electrochemical series; Concentration cells with and without transference; Applications of EMF measurements including potentiometric titrations. Free download Physical Chemistry Question Bank for IIT JAM Volume 2.

Chemical Kinetics: Order and molecularity of a reaction, differential and integrated form of rate expressions – basic ideas of integration and differentiation; Kinetics of opposing, parallel, and consecutive reactions; Steady-state approximation in reaction mechanisms; Chain reactions; Uni-molecular reaction (Lindemann mechanism); Temperature dependence of reaction rates, Arrhenius equation; activation energy; Collision theory of reaction rates; Types of catalysts, specificity and selectivity, mechanisms of catalyzed reactions at solid surfaces; Enzyme catalysis (Michaelis-Menten mechanism, Double reciprocal plot), Acid-base catalysis.

Adsorption: Gibbs adsorption equation; adsorption isotherm; types of adsorption; surface area of adsorbents; surface films on liquids.

Spectroscopy: Beer-Lambert law; fundamental concepts of rotational, vibrational, electronic, and magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

IIT JAM Chemistry 2023 – Important Points to Remember

  • The applicants must make sure that they refer to the IIT JAM eligibility criteria 2023 before filling up the application form.
  • The eligibility criteria for IIT JAM will differ with respect to the courses offered by the participating institutes of JAM.
  • The aspiring candidates who wish to appear for the JAM 2023 entrance test must ensure that they hold a bachelor’s degree in their respective fields.
  • The aspirants who are still pursuing their graduation must make sure that they submit the mark sheet of the qualifying examination to the institute before the last date of submission.
  • The JAM committee has the right to cancel the candidature for admissions at any stage if they find that the candidates are not complying with the rules and regulations laid down by them.


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