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Here, we provided to Encyclopedia Of World Scientists. Encyclopedia of World Scientists, Revised Edition is a diverse and comprehensive two-volume collection of biographies of scientists. The set includes the fascinating stories of nearly 1,000 scientists, from all scientific disciplines, and all periods of history, as far back as 600 b.c., who have contributed significantly to their fields. Free download PDF Encyclopedia Of World Scientists.

encyclopedia of world scientistsAmong the nearly500 women scientists, you will find those who succeeded in their work against quite impossible odds. From the example of the Greek physician Agnodice—who in the fourth century b.c. cut her hair short and dressed as a man in order to avoid arrest for breaking the law against women practicing medicine—to the contemporary example of women turned down for jobs and discouraged from pursuing their education, the reader can see how women scientists have often faced formidable obstacles. Free download PDF Encyclopedia Of World Scientists.

In this set for the first time, these women take their place side by side with the great male scientists. What they all hold in common is a legacy of achievement that has forever altered our understanding of the world. Free download PDF Encyclopedia Of World Scientists.

Among the firsts in this book, the reader will find:

  • the first female physics professor
  • the first scientist to successfully clone an animal
  • the first female research scientist at General Electric Corporation
  • the first scientist to explain the theory of continental drift
  • the first woman to win a Nobel Prize
  • the first woman to head a branch of the U.S. Military,
  • and the first scientist to suggest the existence of antimatter.






The reader will also read about the discovery of the polio vaccine, the invention of the Diesel engine, the creation of the Apgar score system for evaluating the health of newborns, the development of the first computer languages, and the discovery of the radiocarbon dating process. While this set brings together an array of well-known and lesser-known scientists, providing the basic biographical details of their lives, the focus is on their work, with their scientific achievements presented in everyday language that makes even the most complex concepts accessible. Free download PDF Encyclopedia Of World Scientists.

The ScientistsEncyclopedia of World Scientists, Revised Edition, includes the well-known scientific “greats” of history, as well as contemporary scientists whose work is just verging on greatness. Among these are many minority scientists who have often been excluded from books such as this. A majority of the scientists in the book represent the traditional scientific disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and the Earth sciences. Free download PDF Encyclopedia Of World Scientists.

A smaller number represents mathematics, computer science, the philosophy of science, medicine, engineering, anthropology, and psychology. In addition to the biographical entries, the book contains more than 200 evocative black-and-white photographs and illustrations. Free download PDF Encyclopedia Of World Scientists.

To compile the entrant list, I relied largely on the judgment of other scientists, consulting established reference works, such as the Dictionary of Scientific Biography, science periodicals, awards lists, and publications from science organizations and associations. Despite this process, I cannot claim to present the “most important” historical and contemporary figures. Time constraints and space limitations prevented the inclusion of many deserving scientists. Free download PDF Encyclopedia Of World Scientists.

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