The Wonders Of Physics

Here, we provided to The Wonders Of Physics. The book in your hands develops the best traditions of the Russian scientific popular literature. Written in a clear and captivating manner by working theoretical physicists, who are, at the same time, dedicated popularizers of scientific knowledge, it brings to the reader the latest achievements in quantum solid-state physics, but along the way, it also shows how the laws of physics reveal themselves even in seemingly trivial episodes concerning the natural phenomena around us. And most importantly, it shows that we live in a world, where scientists are capable of “proving harmony with algebra”. — A A Abrikosov, 2003 Nobel Prize Winner in Physics.

the wonders of physicsIt is my great pleasure to see the book, written together with Lev Aslamazov, to appear in English. The original Russian edition, followed by the Italian one, was accepted enthusiastically by readers and I hope that the wide English-speaking audience will find the book to merit attention too. Free download PDF The Wonders Of Physics.

It would be a fair tribute to the good memory of my friend and coauthor. The reasons which pushed us to write this book were curiosity and our wish to share with others the admiration for the beauty of Physics inits manifestations in Nature. The authors have devoted a lot of time to the physics teaching of students of various levels, from gifted beginners to mature Ph.D. students. Free download PDF The Wonders Of Physics.

All this experience has convinced us that, besides the evident necessity of the regular and careful study of the discipline, an “artistic” approach, in which the teacher (or the author) proves the importance of physics in habitual everyday phenomena, is vital. Free download PDF The Wonders Of Physics.

I hope that we succeeded to pass to the reader our feeling of Physics not only on the cover but also in the text of the book. I would like to express my deep gratitude to many friends and colleagues, without whom this edition would not appear. In the first turn, this is my old and dear friend Dr. Alex Abrikosov (Jr.), whose enthusiasm, thorough scientific care, and translation gave birth to the English version. Free download PDF The Wonders Of Physics.

His contribution to the project was considerably enforced by the collaboration of my other friend and our common alumnus Dr. Dmitriy Znamenski, who has become almost a native speaker of English last year. I would like to acknowledge the contribution of my coauthors and friends Professor A. Buzdin, Dr. C. Camerlingo, Dr. A. Malyarovski, and my old teacher of Physics Dr. A. Shapiro. Several chapters of this book were written based on our mutual publications in different journals. Free download PDF The Wonders Of Physics.






Outdoor Physics:

  • Meandering Down to the Sea
  • Rivers from Lakes
  • The Oceanic Phone Booth
  • In the Blue
  • The Moon-Glades
  • The Foucault Pendulum and the Baer Law
  • The Moon-Brake

Saturday Night Physics:

  • Why the Violin Sings
  • The Chiming and Silent Goblets
  • The Bubble and the Droplet
  • The Mysteries of the Magic Lamp
  • Waiting for the Tea-Kettle to Boil
  • Craving Microwaved Mammoth
  • Ab(Out) Ovo
  • The Physics of Good Coffee
  • “Nunc est Bibendum”: Physicists Talk Around Glasses of Wine
  • The Water Mike or About One Invention of Alexander Bell
  • How the Waves Transmit Information
  • Why the Electric Power Lines are Droning
  • The Footprints on the Sand
  • How to Prevent Snowdrifts
  • The Incident on the Train

Windows to the Quantum World:

  • The Uncertainty Principle
  • On Snowballs, Nuts, Bubbles and … Liquid Helium
  • Superconductivity Passion at the End of the Millenium
  • What is SQUID?
  • Superconducting Magnets

Special thanks are addressed to my friend Professor A. Rigamonti, whose encyclopedic erudition and enthusiasm permitted me to realize the Italian edition of the book and considerably adorned it. Free download PDF The Wonders Of Physics.

Finally, I would like to thank warmly my Italian and Russian editors: Dr. D. De Bona, Dr. T. Petrova, Dr. V. Tikhomirova, and Dr. L. Panyushkina without whose professionalism and collaboration in the preparation of previous editions the present one would not appear. In conclusion, I would like to cordially mention on behalf of mine and Alex Abrikosov (Jr.) three more people. Free download PDF The Wonders Of Physics.

Two of them are Alex’s parents and our teachers of Physics and life, Alexei and Tatyana Abrikosov. The third one is our common friend from University times Serguei Pokrovski. These people played the foremost part in our formation Free download PDF The Wonders Of Physics.

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