People say things like, Close your eyes and come visualize with me. It’s 5 years or 10 years from now. What does your house look like and how does your car look like and now you got a better job and family, you got this and you got that and all.

I’d say STOP! Oh, that’s great. How about we do it differently. Close your eyes, go 20 years from now and you don’t do anything. You stay the same as you are today. How happy you are? What happened to your dreams? How does society look at you in the face? How about the people who said that you gonna quit and they say “I told you so” and every single time you have to appease to their opinion that becoming factual. Because you gave up on your dreams and if you are ok with that keep living life the way you’re living it. If that puts you in fear and certain you, better you change today.

Start doing!

Source: Benlionel Scott

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