Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations(pdf)

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Book Name: Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by R C Mukherjee(2019 edition).

Published by: Bharati Bhawan

Subjects: chemistry

No of questions: ~100 MCQs per chapter.

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Modern Approach download pdf.

Hunt4Edu Review

RC Mukherjee Chemistry is one of the well-known Physical Chemistry books for JEE exam preparation out there. It has a good number of problems which cover most of the things.

For the theory part, you can consider your coaching material and NCERT(just for basics).

R.C.Mukherjee highly recommended because it has all types of questions, for everyone, trying to learn anything related to chemistry, from the basic concept of the mole to the highly complex thermodynamics and Gaseous State questions. It has both easy questions and the difficulty level rises as we commence from 1st to 60th question. Yes, it has almost 60 subjective questions and almost the same number of objective questions for each chapter. The chapter Gaseous State is the best in R.C. Mukherjee. It gives you the best practice for all types of questions. The subjective questions of Colligative Properties are also good and give you the best practice of concepts


Overall, the book provides you the best physical chemistry experience.

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