The Flying Circus Of Physics

Here, we provided to The Flying Circus Of Physics. The Flying Circus of Physics began one dark and dreary night in 1968 while I was a graduate student at theUniversity of Maryland. Well, actually, to most graduate students nearly all nights are dark and dreary, but I mean that a particular night was really dark and dreary. I was a full-time teaching assistant, and earlier in the day I had given a quiz to Sharon, one of my students. Free download PDF The Flying Circus Of Physics.

the flying circus of physicsShe did badly and at the end turned to me with the challenge, “What has anything of this to do with my life?”I jumped to respond, “Sharon, this is physics! This has everything to do with your life!”As she turned more to face me, with eyes and voice both tightened, she said in a measured pace, “Give me some examples.” Free download PDF The Flying Circus Of Physics.

I thought and thought but could not come up with a single one. I had spent at least six years studying physics and I could not come up with even a single example. That night I realized that the trouble with Sharon was actually the trouble with me: This thing called physics was something people did in a physics building, not something that was connected with the real world of Sharon (or me). So, I decided to collect some real-world examples and, to catch her attention, I called the collection The Flying Circus of physics. Gradually I added to the collection. Free download PDF The Flying Circus Of Physics.

Soon other people wanted copies of the Flying Circusmaterial, first students in Sharon’s class, then my fellow graduate students, and then some of the faculty members. After the material was printed as a “technical report” by the PhysicsDepartment at Maryland, I landed a book contract with JohnWiley & Sons. Free download PDF The Flying Circus Of Physics.






About the Author

Jearl Walker received his B.S. in physics from MIT in 1967 and his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Maryland in 1973. His popular book, The Flying Circus of Physics, has been translated into at least 10 languages and is still being sold worldwide. For 16 years he toured his fun-filled Flying Circus lecture throughout the U.S. and Canada, introducing countless teachers to such physics phenomena as molecular adhesion by hanging spoons from his face and Leidenfrost’s phenomenon by dipping his wet hand in the molten lead without getting hurt. Free download PDF The Flying Circus Of Physics.

The book was published in 1975, a few years after I became a physics professor at Cleveland State University; it was revised in 1977. Since then it has been translated into 11languages for publication around the world. This is the second edition of the book, which is completely rewritten and redesigned. Free download PDF The Flying Circus Of Physics.

When I began writing Flying Circus material, I searched through only a few dozen research journals, page by page, and discovered a few relevant papers. Indeed, my metaphor for the project was that I was digging for gold in an almost barren mountainside-the gold nuggets were few and hard to find. Free download PDF The Flying Circus Of Physics.

The world has changed: Now, many hundreds of research papers with potential Flying Circus material are published every year, and, in terms of my metaphor, I find huge gold veins. And now I don’t dig through just a few dozen journals; I look through about 400 journals directly and use search engines to sort through hundreds more. On many days members just fly over my computer keyboard. Free download PDF The Flying Circus Of Physics.

I wish Sharon could look over my shoulder at all the really curious things I find. With this book, you get that chance: Come look over my shoulder and you’ll see that physics “has everything to do with your life.” Free download PDF The Flying Circus Of Physics.

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