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Inorganic Chemistry for IIT JAM By Saraswati Dhaam. Chemistry is a sought-after Science course. Aspirants who want to secure admission in MSc and integrated Ph.D. course in Chemistry opt to take the IIT JAM exam. A national-level entrance exam, IIT JAM is conducted by the IITs on a rotational basis. For the admission year 2022-23, Joint Admission Test for MSc (JAM) is being conducted by IIT Roorkee. The Science entrance exam is scheduled to be conducted on February 13, 2022. IIT JAM Chemistry paper will be held in Session-II, that is, from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

Inorganic Chemistry for IIT JAMEach year, over 70,000 candidates appear for the IIT JAM Chemistry exam but the seats on offer for admission are limited. Thus, it is advised that candidates prepare well for the exam. Chemistry paper in the IIT JAM exam consists of questions from subjects like – Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry. Free download Inorganic Chemistry for IIT JAM By Saraswati Dhaam.

The purpose of writing the IIT JAM Physical Chemistry book is to provide a complete IIT JAM experience to aspirants targeting the IIT JAM exam in Chemistry, for admissions to the IITs for the Master’s program in Chemistry and related branches. IIT JAM Physical Chemistry book will give the reader exposure to actual IIT JAM questions in physical chemistry from various reference books, with detailed solutions which are very important for understanding the concepts and improving the speed of solving questions. Free download Inorganic Chemistry for IIT JAM By Saraswati Dhaam.

This book will challenge the reader with problems on the academic subject of Physical Chemistry for good understanding, assimilation, self-evaluation, and reproducibility. Although we have made every effort to make the IIT JAM Physical Chemistry book error-free, I am under no illusion. I welcome comments, criticism, and suggestions from the readers to further improve the content of this book. Free download Inorganic Chemistry for IIT JAM By Saraswati Dhaam.




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About IIT JAM Chemistry

IITs and IISc are institutions of national importance and are well known, the world over, for quality education in engineering, science & technology, and research in frontier areas. The aim of IITs and IISc is to build a sound foundation of knowledge, pursue excellence and enhance creativity in an intellectually stimulating environment. The vibrant academic ambiance and well-equipped research infrastructure of IITs and IISc motivate the students to pursue Research and Development careers in frontier areas of basic sciences as well as interdisciplinary areas of science and technology. Free download Inorganic Chemistry for IIT JAM By Saraswati Dhaam.

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Joint Admission Test for M.Sc. (JAM) is being conducted from 2004 to provide admissions to M.Sc. (Four Semesters), Joint M.Sc.-Ph.D., M.Sc.-Ph.D. Dual Degree, etc. Programs at the IITs and Integrated Ph.D. Degree Programmes at IISc for consolidating Science as a career option for bright students. These postgraduate programs at IITs and IISc offer high-quality education in their respective disciplines, comparable to the best in the world. The curricula for these programs are designed to provide opportunities for the students to develop academic talent leading to challenging and rewarding professional life. Inorganic Chemistry for IIT JAM By Saraswati Dhaam.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidates who qualify in JAM 2020 shall have to fulfill the following Eligibility Requirements (ER) for admissions to IITs.

  • All candidates admitted through JAM should have a Bachelor’s degree.
  • In the qualifying degree, the aggregate marks or CGPA/CPI without rounding-off (taking into account all subjects, including languages and subsidiaries, all years combined) should be at least 55% or 5.5 out of 10 for General/OBC (NCL)/EWS category candidates and 50% or 5.0 out of 10 for SC/ST and PwD category candidates. Inorganic Chemistry for IIT JAM By Saraswati Dhaam.
  • If CGPA/CPI is on a different scale, it would be linearly mapped to a scale of 10.

At the time of admission, all admitted candidates will have to submit a Physical Fitness certificate from a registered medical practitioner in the prescribed form. At the time of admission, the admitted candidates may also have to undergo a Physical Fitness test by a medical board constituted by the Admitting Institute. In case a candidate is not found physically fit to pursue his/her chosen course of study, his/her admission is liable to be canceled. Free download Inorganic Chemistry for IIT JAM By Saraswati Dhaam.

Syllabus of Inorganic Chemistry

1. Periodic Table:- Periodic classification of elements and periodicity in properties; general methods of isolation and purification of elements. Chemical Bonding and Shapes of Compounds: Types of bonding; VSEPR theory and shapes of molecules; hybridization; dipole moment; ionic solids; structure of NaCl, CsCl, diamond, and graphite; lattice energy. Free download Inorganic Chemistry for IIT JAM By Saraswati Dhaam.

2. Main Group Elements (s and p blocks):- General concepts on group relationships and gradation in properties; structure of electron-deficient compounds involving main group elements.

3. Transition Metals (d block):- Characteristics of 3d elements; oxide, hydroxide, and salts of first row metals; coordination complexes: structure, isomerism, reaction mechanism, and electronic spectra; VB, MO, and Crystal Field theoretical approaches for structure, color and magnetic properties of metal complexes; organometallic compounds having ligands with back bonding capabilities such as metal carbonyls, carbenes, nitrosyls, and metallocenes; homogenous catalysis.

4. Bioinorganic Chemistry:- Essentials and trace elements of life; basic reactions in the biological systems and the role of metal ions, especially Fe2+, Fe3+, Cu2+ and Zn2+; structure and function of hemoglobin and myoglobin and carbonic anhydrase.

5. Instrumental Methods of Analysis:- Basic principles; instrumentations and simple applications of conductometry, potentiometry, and UV-vis spectrophotometry; analysis of water, air, and soil samples.

6. Analytical Chemistry:- Principles of qualitative and quantitative analysis; acid-base, oxidation-reduction, and complexometric titrations using EDTA; precipitation reactions; use of indicators; use of organic reagents in inorganic analysis; radioactivity; nuclear reactions; applications of isotopes.

How to Prepare for IIT JAM 2023?

Start your Exam Preparation Well in Advance:

  • It will be beneficial for you to begin your exam preparation during your graduation. Most of the questions are asked about what you study during your graduation years, therefore, you must be very thorough with the degree course.
  • It is indeed important for you to clear your concepts and have a proper understanding of each topic/chapter. Also, to keep your preparation on track, you must also make notes while studying for the exam.

Getting Acquainted with Syllabus:

  • Depending on the course that you are opting for, getting acquainted with the syllabus is the first and foremost thing to do.
  • The syllabus of IIT JAM is announced by the organizing institute or respective institutes well in advance. Therefore, be sure to prepare each and every topic that has been mentioned in the IIT JAM Syllabus.

Refer to Previous Year Question Papers:

  • The more you solve the previous year’s question papers, the better understanding you get about attempting the final exam.
  • Solving Question Papers will not only give you insight into the exam but will also make you confident on the day of the exam.
  • Previous year question papers will also give you an idea of the frequent questions asked in the exam on various topics.

Take Mock Tests:

  • There are mock exams available online which you can attempt to boost your exam preparation.
  • Taking mock tests will enable you to have a strategy in place – in terms of time management and prioritizing the topics to be tackled first.

Refer to IIT JAM Books:

  • There are various IIT JAM books by different authors. Referring to these books while preparing for the exam will help you extensively.
    These books will give you a fair idea about the exam syllabus, important questions, marking scheme, and overall exam pattern of IIT JAM.

IIT JAM Chemistry 2023 – Important Points to Remember

  • The applicants must make sure that they refer to the IIT JAM eligibility criteria 2023 before filling up the application form.
  • The eligibility criteria for IIT JAM will differ with respect to the courses offered by the participating institutes of JAM.
  • The aspiring candidates who wish to appear for the JAM 2023 entrance test must ensure that they hold a bachelor’s degree in their respective fields.
  • The aspirants who are still pursuing their graduation must make sure that they submit the mark sheet of the qualifying examination to the institute before the last date of submission.
  • The JAM committee has the right to cancel the candidature for admissions at any stage if they find that the candidates are not complying with the rules and regulations laid down by them.


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