IIT Foundation And Olympiad Explorer Chemistry For Class 9

Here, we provided to IIT Foundation And Olympiad Explorer Chemistry For Class 9. India’s first foundation series for class VI -X. Unique and innovative graded questions. Salient Features: Simple, clear, and systematic presentation Set of objective and subjective questions at the end of each chapter. Free download PDF IIT Foundation And Olympiad Explorer Chemistry For Class 9.

iit foundation & olympiad explorer chemistry for class 9Previous contest questions at the end of each chapter Servers as a good book for IIT Foundation Designed to fulfill the preparation needs for international/national talent exams, Olympiads, and all competitive exams UNIQUE ATTRACTIONS FOR IMPORTANT CHAPTERS Concept Maps Crossword Puzzles Graded Exercise Basic Practice Further Practice Brain Works Multiple Answer Questions Paragraph Questions Reasoning & Assertion Questions. Free download PDF IIT Foundation And Olympiad Explorer Chemistry For Class 9.

Speed and accuracy play an important role in climbing the competitive ladder. Students have to integrate the habit of being able to calculate and function quickly as well as efficiently in order to excel in the learning culture. They need to think on their feet, understand basic requirements, identify appropriate information sources, and use that to their best advantage. Free download PDF IIT Foundation And Olympiad Explorer Chemistry For Class 9.

The preparation required for the tough competitive examinations is fundamentally different from that of qualifying ones like the board examinations. A student can emerge successful in a qualifying examination by merely scoring the minimum percentage of marks, whereas, in a competitive examination, he has to score high and perform better than the others taking the examination. Free download PDF IIT Foundation And Olympiad Explorer Chemistry For Class 9.

Table of Content: 

  • Matter And Its Classification
  • Language of Chemistry
  • Atomic Structure
  • Classification of Elements 
  • Chemical Bonding
  • Study of Gas Laws 
  • Atoms, Molecules, and Lons
  • Solutions
  • Nitrogen
  • Sulpher
  • Chlorine
  • Phosphorus and It’s Compound 
  • Analytical Chemistry






About the Auther

Over the past decade, we have been the beacon to a host of students across India and to some overseas, through our wide range of preparatory books for all classes, on academic subjects to which students are vulnerable. Free download PDF IIT Foundation And Olympiad Explorer Chemistry For Class 9.

Brain Mapping Academy has always brought out books based on its research of syllabi across primary, secondary, and higher secondary schools, so that not only the books support the curricula but also complement it, to work in tandem.

The books cover all educational aspects connected to students’ learning in schools, to give them a taste of what it is like in the arena of competitive exams, outside their schools which hold qualifying exams. All our books infuse a thought-provoking attitude in students, essential to tackle successfully, application-based questions.

Our books are designed to develop the young minds strong in fundamentals through rigorous yet enjoyable practice sessions of different levels and to hone their skills to take on the world with confidence and ease. Free download PDF IIT Foundation And Olympiad Explorer Chemistry For Class 9.

This book provides all types of questions that a student would be required to tackle at the foundation level. The questions in the exercise are sequenced as Basic Practice, Further Practice, Multiple Answer Question, Paragraph Questions, Numerical Problems, Concepts Questions, and Brain Nurtures. Simple questions involving a direct application of the concepts are given in Basic Practice. More challenging questions on the direct application are given in Further Practice.

Questions involving higher-order thinking or an open-ended approach to problems are given in Basic Nurtures. These questions encourage students to think analytically, to be creative, and to come up with solutions of their own. Constant practice and familiarity with these questions will not only make him/her conceptually sound, but will also give the student the confidence to face any entrance examination with ease. 

Valuable suggestions as well as criticism from the teacher and student community are most welcome and will be incorporated in the ensuing edition. Free download PDF IIT Foundation And Olympiad Explorer Chemistry For Class 9.

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