Hc Verma volume 2 Theory and exercises (2019) pdf

Book Name: Hc Verma volume 2 Theory and exercises (2019) pdf

Published by: Bharathi Bhawan

Subjects: physics

No of questions: ~100

Hc Verma volume 2 Theory and exercises (2019) pdf

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You can learn different concepts by solving exercises that consist of Single correct, Multiple Correct, Short Answer and Subjective problems. Single correct and Multiple correct strengthens your understanding of theory. Every question targets those concepts where most students are weak. You won’t be able to solve these two exercises 100% correctly, no matter whether you’re an average student or a topper.

You need to understand the process of solving a problem. Broadly,

  1. You need to be thorough with all the tools (formulae, framework, etc.) to solve the problem.
  2. You must know where, when and how to use these tools.

The beauty of H. C. Verma is having the logical ordering of the problem for the chapter. Each problem will teach you something that you will use in the next problem, and thus by reaching the end of the exercise, you will grasp all the concepts very easily. No other book has this beautiful ordering.

H.C. Verma is the book that mainly focuses on developing your concept in a particular topic. This book is the only book for JEE which gives you a variety of questions to practice on. The way the questions are arranged is really helpful for the students to practice.


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