If we see something, it will directly affect our minds. MOTIVATIONAL MOVIES/WEB SERIES, For example, something funny it makes us laugh. If we see something sensitive, then it makes us emotional. Like this, if we see something inspiring or motivational that feel the positive energy in us to do something good for the future.

Following MOTIVATIONAL MOVIES/WEB SERIES suitable for IIT JEE students.

1. The Social Network

“The Social Network” was an incredibly engaging film that, While mainly revolving around the invention of Facebook, focused on ideas and feelings that felt through all people, the primary example is trying to fit in. Everyone wants to be accepted, and some will do whatever it takes to get that sort of attention.

In a year where movies have received some of the lowest critical ratings in recent memory, “The Social Network” was, while haunting, genuinely refreshing and ultimately a triumph in all aspects, whether it be considering the acting, script, or directing. It was a fantastic movie that shouldn’t just be among the best of the year; it’s so much more important than that. It defines the entire social networking generation, and that is one hell of an accomplishment. Everyone can relate to it one way or another, and that makes it one of the must-see pictures of the year.

2. 21 (2008)

21 is a movie about game, money, and greed and also about how someone can lose his self-control when it’s all about making “easy money.”…but it isn’t anything more than that. The film features excellent performances from actors Kevin Spacey and Laurence Fishburne, as well as nice entries from the lesser-known ensemble.

3. Batman series

Batman series is about being good or bad. It depicts situations and circumstances under which the conscience of an honest person can go for a toss, and he entangled in all sorts of evil. It is a very inspiring movie and, at the same time, filled with breathtaking action scenes and chase sequences.

4. Good Will Hunting

It’s a good movie; the premise is its best point, as well as the human connection between friends and relationships, but so many reviews on here calling this a masterpiece or one of the best movies ever made are way unwarranted and over the top. It’s a good low budget movie with some depth and a famous role for Robin Williams

5. The pursuit of Happyness

This movie has to be the best movie of 2006. It is, without a doubt, the performance of Will Smith. The story wasn’t about Mr. Gardner, and his wife/girlfriend-it was about him, his son, diligence, hope, happiness, and so much more. It is so refreshing to be inspired by a film again. There was plenty of chemistry between Gardner and his son. Will Smith can act. Like he says in the movie, and I’m paraphrasing, “People will tell you that you can’t do it because they can’t.” That’s what I say to anyone who questions the writing or directing of this film. You mock what you cannot do yourself. This movie is utter brilliance, ten stars.

6. A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind” is an extraordinary story, but it is only an exceptional film because of its director. Ron Howard does an amazing job of engaging his audience, introducing a brilliant main character, and making the audience experience the reality of mental illness. This movie could have been an unbelievable story to which very people could relate; however, the directorial mastery Howard exhibits throughout allows the audience to accompany Nash on his journey and awareness of his illness. Anyone close to the frailties of the human mind will appreciate how respectfully and honestly, this film approaches the subject. Howard can portray all the complex reactions to mental illness while maintaining the humanity and dignity of the patient. Superbly directed, wonderfully acted by Crowe and cast, this film succeeds on every level.

7. The Man Who Knew Infinity

Ramanujan is a name like Beethoven or Picasso. “The Man Who Knew Infinity” is a Biography – Drama movie in which we watch the true story of the Indian mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan. His story starts in Mandras, a city in India where he makes his first steps in mathematics while searching for a job and goes until he arrives in Cambridge and starts working there. He faces many difficulties and makes some friendships, such as with Professor G.H. Hardy, who was also his mentor.

8. The Theory of Everything

The life of a young, brilliant student gets thrown apart when he finds out that he has about two years left as a result of a terrible, regressive disease. Decided not to give up, with the help of his future wife, he starts working on his Ph.D., bringing into the world some theories never heard before. Although encountering many problems along the way, especially when talking about his health, he continues to amaze the world with his research.

9. The Imitation Game

This film is captivating from beginning to end, and it tells the story of Alan Turing in a way that’s informative, interesting and engaging, it’s dramatic enough, without being overdone.

10. 3 Idiots

In India, every student knows about this movie. There is no word to describe it. 3 idiots is a sparkling example of qualitative cinema.3 idiots not only entertains, but it also enlightens.3 idiots are forward-thinking but also make you recall your roots. It promises lots of laughs and also a heartwarming message. There are movies aplenty, but very few remain etched in your memory and possess recall value. 3 idiots are one of those films. Indisputably and undeniably, this Aamir-Madhavan-Sharman outing is worth the price of the ticket and more. The film will set new records and has the merits to emerge one of the biggest hits of all times.

11. Udaan

Udaan is a simple, emotional story about a boy in a small town, learning to live with his disciplinarian of a father. It is as simple as that. It might not sound interesting like this, but the fact is that the way this normal coming of age story shown is just brilliant. Its as if this movie was shot with a handy-cam, capturing the lives of a real family. There are some exaggerations, some gags, some drama, but all in all, and it’s genuine and believable. I’m sure everyone one of us would be able to relate to this film in some way or the other.

12. Laakhon Mein Ek

Laakhon Mein Ek is a web series that attempts to hold up a mirror to the Indian society’s face. It touches topics that are often neglected and not talked about openly in our society. One of the biggest flaws in our education system is that it has become a business that thrives on exploiting the kids by glorifying the success only a few academics enjoy. The series aims to spell out this societal deficiency and persuade us in introspecting to find a possible solution.

13. Kota Toppers

Kota Toppers! It’s a very nice series. It shows the silly problems that we all faced at our time. This serial is exciting and specifically the character of Sanaya and Raghav And also Riya. The love triangle between those it’s very entertaining.

14. TVF’s Kota Factory

Kota Factory is an amazing web series. It has every emotion in it, be it comedy, drama, romance, or struggle. The depiction of the journey of a boy wanting to crack IIT in Kota is amazing. All the actors were amazing, but the best in this series was the direction, dialogues, and background music.

15. I Am Kalam

I Am Kalam is about millions of underprivileged children who aspire to become next A.P.J. Kalam of India. The lead character is of a child “Chotu” played by Harsh Mayar. You can directly relate this film to your life. This film will remind you of your neighborhood children whom you might have seen everyday picking garbages. The movie expresses the feelings of such children realistically without much exaggeration. This film is all about our dreams, hard work, and perseverance. You will feel inspired after watching the movie.

16. Stand and Deliver

“Stand and Deliver” is a strong film based on a true story. Edward James Olmos received an Oscar nomination as Jaime Escalante, a man who has decided to teach in a Los Angeles school after quitting a high-paying technological job. Escalante is a man who described as a “Patton of the classroom.” He will do anything and everything to teach his Hispanic students the complicated mathematics of Calculus so they can pass a test, which will give them college credit. This movie is Olmos’ show all the way. He proved to be a dominant actor here, and it is he who makes the film believable and overall exceptional.

17. The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club, a movie made in the ’80s, about high schoolers of the ’80s. The film has a straightforward story that can happen to every American kid. Five students with different lifestyles and different reasons to be in the detention for one day, each one of them represents very clearly stereotypes from that time.



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