Aakash 2017 Test series #post1 (one click download)

One-click download _ Aakash 2017 Test series (14 test papers).

Test paper 1

Test paper 2

Test paper 3

Test paper 4

Test paper 5

Test paper 6

Test paper 7

Test paper 8

Test paper 9

Test paper 10

Test paper 11

Test paper 12

Physics –

As in general, most of the questions in physics are irrelevant (from NEET’s point of view ) in Aakash papers ( as they are of JEE advanced level ) while the physics portion is Allen is quite balanced. The tough questions in Allen papers are of JEE mains level and not advanced

Chemistry –

The chemistry section in Aakash is more balanced with a balanced amount of easy, moderate and tough questions as compared to that of Allen. Allen usually asks tough questions in organic and inorganic chem.

Biology –

Most of the questions of biology in Aakash papers are out of NCERT ( most of them are directly picked up from their modules ) while in Allen, most of the questions are biology are NCERT oriented and as we all know, NEET demands a thorough grip over NCERT, Allen seems to have an edge over Aakash here.


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