Mtg Ncert at your fingertips Biology(pdf)

Book features

Book Name: Ncert at your fingertips

Published by: Mtg

Subjects: biology

No of questions: 100 – 200 per chapter.

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Mtg fingertips Biology download pdf


Hunt4Edu Review

It is NCERT focussed. Each chapter contains around 100 questions each out of which 5–7 may be outside of NCERT. Rest all it is NCERT based.

It gives equal weighted to every topic. When you know you know that you know every line of NCERT this book brings you down to earth by asking questions from NCERT summery and about the scientists (INFORMATION GIVEN BEFORE STARTING OF EACH UNIT IN NCERT)30% of its questions are diagram based. Its features are :

· Chapter-wise Snapshots for quick and easy revision

· Chapter-wise Topic-wise MCQs to check your progress

· MCQs extracted from each line of NCERT Textbooks

· NCERT Exemplar MCQs


· Assertion and reason questions for an edge in your preparations

· 6 Practice papers for self-assessment

Ncert is the Bible for the premedical examinations. In NEET 2019, 88 questions out of 90 were asked directly or indirectly from Ncert.



This book act as a satisfactory practice & REVISION fabric for all exams. This ebook might additionally be very beneficial for different exams which are based totally on the NCERT syllabus.

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