Mathematical Physics Problems:- Complete Guide For NET, GATE & JEST

Here, We provide to Mathematical Physics Problems:- Complete Guide For NET, GATE & JEST.  Mathematical Physics Problems is your friend who guides you to build your concepts on Mathematical Physics and lead you to crack the M.Sc and Ph.D. entrance examinations. Free download PDF Mathematical Physics Problems:- Complete Guide For NET, GATE & JEST.

mathematical physics problems:- complete guide for net/gate/jestThe authors have collected all relevant previous year problems from CSIR NET (June 2011 to December 2018), GATE (2005 – 2019), JEST (2012-2019), TIFR (GS-2010 to GS-2019) and JAM (2005-2019) of mathematical physics, sorted those problems chapter-wise and given you the solutions. Each chapter is divided into three sections.

In the first section, the authors will tell you where you need to read the basic concepts with some solved examples to build your concepts. In the second section, there will be problems from various competitive exam papers as mentioned before, then there will bean keys and complete solutions at the end of each chapter. In the third section, there are exercises selected by the authors to check that you have finally generated the skill required to solve unknown problems. The Book contains 372 solved problems, 106 extra examples, 151 exercises. One full-length mock test is given at the end of the book. Free download PDF Mathematical Physics Problems:- Complete Guide For NET, GATE & JEST.

This book “Mathematical Physics Problems” is the first volume of the series CSIR NET Physics Guide. The series is intended to provide complete guidance to NET Physics Aspirants. The author is the topper of the IIT Bombay M.Sc Physics batch of 2011 and ranked 008, CSIR JRF in June 2011. In this book, he tells you from which book you should study the various topics of Mathematical Physics, what are the main points you need to know, and what are the problems you need to solve. The book has more than 300 problems collected from the previous years NET (June 11-Dec 17), GATE (2005-2018), JEST (2012-2018), TIFR (2010-2018), JAM (2005-2018) papers. Moreover, the author collected more than 100 extra problems for you to build your concepts and analytical skills.




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About the Author,

Sk Jahiruddin is the topper of the M.Sc 2011 batch in IIT Bombay. He ranked 008 (JRF) in the CSIR NET exam in June 2011. He also ranked 007 in JAM 2009. He is now an assistant professor at Sister Nibedita College in Kolkata. He has been actively helping CSIR NET Physical Science aspirants since June 2012.

Mathematical Physics is the highest weighted topic for the CSIR NET Physical Science Exam. Nowadays there are NINE questions coming from there. It also contains a substantial part in IIT JAM, GATE, JEST, TIFR, and other MSc and Ph.D. qualifying exams. Mathematical Physics also is the field where you, the students, suffer a lot because of poor understanding and lack of problem-solving. There are good textbooks on the subjects, but no proper guidebook to help your preparation for the competitive exams. These are the reasons why we are writing this book. Free download PDF Mathematical Physics Problems:- Complete Guide For NET, GATE & JEST.

The first thing we like to tell you that there is no alternative to basic Textbooks reading. For mathematical physics, the textbooks are Boas, Riley Hobson, Arfken, Spiegel, etc. In this book, we have told you which topics of your syllabus of NET to be read from which books. Sometimes you may not need to read the whole chapter itself. We have told you how much you need to know and how much you don’t need to know. Free download PDF Mathematical Physics Problems:- Complete Guide For NET, GATE & JEST.

IIT JAM aspirants may skip the chapters of Group Theory, Tensor, Green’s function, and Numerical Methods. You may skip some of the advanced questions on complex analysis.

Mathematical Physics Problems is mainly a book of exercises. Answer keys of the problems are given, the Author wants you to solve the problems by yourself and verify your answers by the given answer keys. If the book goes popular and the students demand, the author will start making solutions.


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