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Here, we provided Alkene Hand Written Note For BSC. The term is often used as a synonym for olefin, that is, any hydrocarbon containing one or more double bonds. However, the IUPAC recommends using the name “alkene” only for acyclic hydrocarbons with just one double bond; alkadiene, alkatriene, etc., or polyene for acyclic hydrocarbons with two or more double bonds; cycloalkene, cycloalkane, etc. for cyclic ones; and “olefin” for the general class — cyclic or acyclic, with one or more double bonds. Free download PDF Alkene Hand Written Note For BSC.

alkene hand written note for bscAcyclic alkenes, with only one double bond and no other functional groups (also known as mono genes), form a homologous series of hydrocarbons with the general formula CnH2n with n being 2 or more (which is two hydrogens less than the corresponding alkane). When n is four or more, there are multiple isomers with this formula, distinguished by the position and conformation of the double bond. Free download PDF Alkene Hand Written Note For BSC.

Alkenes are generally colorless apolar compounds, somewhat similar to alkanes but more reactive. The first few members of the series are gases or liquids at room temperature. The simplest alkene, ethylene (C2H4) (or “ethene” in the IUPAC nomenclature) is the organic compound produced on the largest scale industrially. Free download PDF Alkene Hand Written Note For BSC.

Aromatic compounds are often drawn as cyclic alkenes, but their structure and properties are sufficiently distinct that they are not classified as alkenes or olefins. Hydrocarbons with two overlapping double bonds (C=C=C) are called allenes—the simplest such compound is itself called allene—and those with three or more overlapping bonds (C=C=C=C, C=C=C=C=C, etc.) are called cumulenes. Some authors[who?] do not consider allenes and cumulenes to be “alkenes”. Free download PDF Alkene Hand Written Note For BSC.

What are Alkenes?

The common family of hydrocarbons found in crude oil is the alkenes. In this family, there is at least one carbon-carbon double bond. This double bond makes a big difference to the chemistry of the compounds of the family. Free download PDF Alkene Hand Written Note For BSC.

The alkenes and particularly ethene are tremendously important in the chemical industry. They are not found in crude oil in very large quantities but are produced by the cracking of the alkanes. The alkenes like all the hydrocarbons burn in air to form carbon dioxide and water. In oxygen, ethene reacts explosively so it is not much good as a fuel. The alkenes are also too useful in the chemical industry for the manufacture of plastics and many other chemicals to be used as fuels. Free download PDF Alkene Hand Written Note For BSC.






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General Properties of Alkenes

  • Physical state – The members containing two or four carbon atoms are gases, five to seventeen, liquids, eighteen onwards, solids at room temperature and they burn in air with a luminous smoky flame.
  • Density Alkenes are lighter than water.
  • Solubility – Alkenes are insoluble in water and soluble in organic solvents such as benzene etc.
  • Boiling point – The boiling points of alkenes show a gradual increase with an increase in the molecular mass or chain length, this indicates that the intermolecular attractions become stronger with the increase in the size of the molecule.

Classification of Alkenes

Alkyl groups bonded to the sp2 hybridized carbon atoms of alkenes affect the stability of the double bond. The chemical reactivity of alkenes also is often affected by the number of alkyl groups bonded to the sp2 hybridized carbon atoms. Thus, it is useful to classify alkenes by the number of alkyl groups attached to the C=C structural unit. This feature is called the degree of substitution. Free download PDF Alkene Hand Written Note For BSC.

An alkene that has a single alkyl group attached to the sp2 hybridized carbon atom of the double bond is monosubstituted. An alkene whose double bond is at the end of the chain of carbon atoms is also sometimes called a terminal alkene. Alkenes that have two, three, and four alkyl groups bonded to the carbon atoms of the double bond are disubstituted, trisubstituted, and tetrasubstituted respectively. Free download PDF Alkene Hand Written Note For BSC.

Uses of Alkenes

The list of uses of various alkene like ethene, propene, etc is given below.

  • Manufacture of plastics like polythene for making buckets, bowls, bags, etc.
  • Manufacture of polystyrene used in making car battery cases and parts of the refrigerator.
  • Making ethane-1,2-diol used as anti-freezing for motor car radiators.
  • Manufacture of ethanol and synthetic fiber terylene.
  • Making an anti-knock for car engines.
  • Manufacture of plastic, polypropene for making ropes, and packaging material.
  • Manufacture of propanol used in making acetone.
  • Manufacture of acrylic fibers.

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