10 Steps to Crack IIT JEE

10 Tips and Tricks on how to crack IIT JEE– Sundar Pichai, N R Narayan Murthy, Satya Nadella, Sachin Bansal, Binny Bansal, Vinod Khosla are amongst the stalwarts that India has produced. These great leaders share one mutual aspect; they all are “Engineers”. 10 Steps to Crack IIT JEE.

Though we see many memes floating around the social media mocking engineers for being engineers, we cannot deny the fact that engineers go through one of the toughest, rigorous yet interesting curriculum, with an endless number of college hours, subjects, and assignments.

SCORE 150+ IN 20 DAYS FOR JEE MAINAlso, today’s distant dream of settling on Mars is steadily moving ahead because of advanced engineering and sister fields. We come across engineering marvels on a day to day basis, whether that is a tip of a pen or a massive Airbus 380 soaring high in the sky. As Leonardo Leonardo said, even “The foot may be a masterpiece of engineering and a piece of art”. That’s the influence engineering has on us and our civilization.

So, 15th September is widely known because the Engineer’s day in India to pay tribute to at least one such legendary engineer, Sir M. Visvesvaraya (1861-1862). In today’s times, at least in India, engineering education is interchangeably used with IIT’s and NIT’s, and to fetch a seat in one of the most prestigious engineering institutes in India today, “The IITs and the NITs”, one must successfully clear, the dreadful “IIT JEE ADVANCED/MAINS Exam”, which is touted to be a Herculean task in itself. But, thousands of students from across the country make it to these premier institutes working tirelessly day in and day out. With a number of returns that these institutes offer, essentially, makes the painstaking preparation phase, totally worth it. This Engineer’s day, we present to you 10 handy tips and tricks on how to crack IIT JEE. 10 Steps to Crack IIT JEE.

To crack JEE Main, there are only two ways – right way or no way. Apparently, there is no wrong way and if it is, it will lead you ‘nowhere’. We all know that JEE Main is the toughest and the biggest engineering entrance exam at the undergraduate level, so to crack it, you need to know the right way. Paths are many but which one is right for JEE Main is the question – The one which helps you get all your exam syllabus right, the one which helps you’re taking less stress during preparation, the one which helps you increase your speed within the exam by maintaining efficiency at an equivalent time and also the one which gets you a seat in the topmost NIT/ IIIT or CFTI. Well, then, befriend because we’ll assist you to find the proper thanks to crack IIT-JEE via this text given below.

  1. Create A Plan
  2. Build The Basics
  3. Challenge Yourself
  4. Be Consistent
  5. Track Your Progress
  6. Get Confidence
  7. Learn Time Management
  8. Learn To Study Smart
  9. Balance School and JEE Preparation
  10. Have A Lot of FUN

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